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Service1Service and Roof Maintenance
Triangle Roofing Services, Inc. is known for our quality and timely service. We are licensed by all major roof manufacturers and eager to help you with all of your service needs. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with roof leaks, roof repairs, up-fits, new equipment installation and more. 

Emergency Roof Leaks
We offer a 24 hour emergency response team that is readily available to assist you with your emergency roof leaks. 

For Your Emergency Roof Leak Repairs 
Call Triangle Roofing Services, Inc. 
919/269-8882 or after hours 919/417-2833

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Free Roof Evaluations: 
Extreme weather, roof top equipment, abuse, and many other factors affect your roof life expectancy. Routine roof inspections and maintenance are essential to achieving maximum service life for commercial roofing systems. If potential problems are identified early, minimal expense can prevent premature failure. We believe a proactive approach to roof maintenance will ensure the maximum service life from your roofing system and inevitably save you money.






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